am i

The morning of AidilAdha, I dreamt about me being pregnant….

*OOOooooo when was my last period?hmmmm


Breastfeeding helps mummy to lose weigh yo!


I can fit into my jeans already!


But mummy always feeling hungry & hunt for food how liddat?

Hello Sleepy Mummy

Mummy love laying on our sofa & bed longer nowadays too.

My routine after reaching home, sit down straight at the sofa, watch tv then subconsciously fall asleep.

At work, I’m tired so easily and sleepy. And I tend to lie down if there’s opportunity lol but I can’t definitely.

And I need need the Aircon!
Feeling hot always. Oh my oh my….

Despite all that, still cook, yes simple dishes for just for you & ayah boy.Mummy hungry always lah.

Seriously we are aniticipating for your arrival with excitement.

Dont talk about labour to me, tahan aje lah sakit dia.Sakit mesti sakit kan.No matter what this is what I really want,our very own offspring and I will go through it.InsyaAllah.

Here Mummy sleepy face that Ayah boy captured.


3rd trimester begun……..tick tock tick tock

All because of YOU

He offload his feveret ride, FJR.

He sold the hatchback, Subaru.

And we got a bigger boot space, more room legs, better drivability & fuel oil consumption.(the pakcik2 car we shall

All because of you baby….


We can’t wait for your arrival.




His SMSes

“How Baby LH?Is he awake?”

“What Mummy LH doing?”

That’s Ayah Boy SMSes nowadays….:-)