The last entry dated 16 July 2013 was still on draft. Lol. I published it in Oct 2014.

Neglected this blog badly.

I went missing for quite long Yeah…. well, just that I’ve been updating our virtual life, mostly pictures (how i love uploading them….) and videos (capturing his milestones…..) through Facebook & Instagram.

Here I am again….. about 2 months ago. Lut Hanif turned 3. Fast right.

Firstly I would like to THANKS ALLAH for everything.EVERYTHING.How thankful I am to HIM for that greatest gift, Lut Hanif.

Exactly a year ago, I decided to quit my 12 years shift work in the petroleum industry.

WHY? All because of Lut Hanif.

Yup, I don’t get to see him everyday as my parents & sister do. errr 5-6 days. Sometimes 12 days straight  (once a month, where I have to work on alternate sat and sun back then).feel bad though leaving him and letting my family take care of him. Why don’t quit and be sahm? Well, I still wanna work definitelyjust that I wanna enjoy my weekend off and public holiday, at the same time upgrade myself, slowly yet surely taking my part time degree.

Wait, don’t compare my life and yours. There’s no right or wrong or hey you are bad mummy, why be out there working…NO NO NO don’t start…..we all have our reasons

I did SAHM-ing for 2 months.(money out alot, no money in LOL, CMI)

I did contract work for 7 months.

And yeah, I have a perm job in a healthcare industry doing Education, 4 months in the job, got my confirmation too. Alhamdulilah.

Currently,I’m enjoying every moments with Lut Hanif and family over the weekend.very deprived lor. Last time work only right. My weekends are mostly packed, something I just can’t keep up. Wedding, gathering, BBQ, playdates At one point, I would rather be at home, whaling, catching up with my movies and shows. Heh.

Motherhood so far, not an easy task.

There is really, no PERFECT way to be a good mother.We all tried but I do make MISTAKES.ALOT definitely.

I looked at Lut Hanif and realized that his development especially on his speech improves, from a late talker (30 months started talking only),he talks alot nowadays and more demanding. A follower, imitate whatever people do (pls imitate how to EAT please?), repetitive calling mummy mummy mummy mummy, orang dah boleh berbual Lol …….love outdoor,super hyper too. We love our reading session together. Due to his late speech, I made an effort to read daily, let him recognize words. It has been a fun bonding session thus far. Most of the videos were shared in Facebook and Ig. Wait, don’t get me wrong, I love to capture all his development, not to show off or challenge2 okay.Every moment I spent with him is priceless, of course I would love to keep it.That’s why I have youtube,facebook,twitter,IG and blog.A space to rant..and of course I started this blog in a way of document my journey of trying to conceive and now, my son development, milestones etc.

Your kids may know how to talk fluently but my son can’t.
Your kids may know how to write his own name, but my son don’t even know how hold his pencil correctly, still deciding left or right hands.LOL
Your kids may know to sing & dance, but my son is still trying to.
Your kids are well toilet trained, but my son is still struggling and learning to say Mummy kencing, Mummy berak.

So don’t compare.
They may develop early in other areas probably because they are busy concentrating on those other skills perhaps.

Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb but how you will bounce.
Take your time….

I’m not ashamed to say that, he still on diapers, bottle, “nak hot susu” – drinking PediaSure Milk and EAT biscuits ONLY (Baby Bites & Heinz Farley’s) As for now he seems to eat NOTHING but that. Sad but truth.

Oh how I see kids out there enjoying their ice cream,french fries, burgers, though Lut Hanif prefer M&M, Chupa chups Lollipops and specifically Yakult(green or purple).

Fussy?Picky?You think.

Suddenly, a year ago. he decide that he HATE everything, even foods he ate daily. (Fried rice, nasi telur with kicap, chicken rice, roti spread with nutella…)
He insist on eating the same biscuit at every meal.Rejected fruits too.(oh how much he loves banana and we have to stop him!)

I wonder where I gone wrong.
I asked myself. Am I too lenient? no consistency? 
I’m being concerned and worried definitely here. Only Allah Knows.

Convincing myself,be patience,one day he will eat a proper meal.One day son.You will.

And again let me say it.

All mothers throughout would definitely share the same basic goal for their children.The BEST for your children.Definitely.

All we can do is take the means,the end is up to HIM.


Never give up.WE can do it yo.

Let’s pray that we are able to teach and raise our child, in your any other way which is RIGHT for you.

To my precious son, Lut Hanif,
Have an awesome possum Three…A start to your childhood.
Enjoy growing up.
Sorry that we don’t celebrate birthday, but instead we thanks Allah for all blessings and of course the tokens we got from you lovely people out there.
We gladly appreciate them.

We miss Australia!











People might say that we may be too early reading to our child.

He wont understand everything we’re doing.

But definitely I wont wait for him to understand what we were saying and reading to him.

Reading is also form of stimulation.

Most importantly, Im making a connection with my son, my voice, our closeness,spending our time together.

A matter of time to hear him reading to me……



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We’re missing the roadtrips and food AGAIN….

His first roadtrip was during his 68th days , barely 3 months, we hit the road up North with Ayah’s maternal family.

Ayah & Mummy love roadtrips so much and of course it was all about the FOOD in KL.

Everything HALAL you know.

Subway, Tony Romas, Carls Junior, Chilis, TGIF….and many2 more lor.


And we were back on his 9 months +, that impromptu roadtrip where we booked our accomodation a week before.

The quality time with the men.

It was a blast!

And definitely its all about  food and food yet AGAIN …heee…and abit of shopping.

SALE yoooo….

If you like food, KL is the place definitely.
Let the pictures do the talking again yeah…



And we heading up North again, this coming weekend with our new ride.

Woot woot.

Melaka and KL here we come…..bringing Atok Sarip, Nenek & Nenek Long along.

Pray for our safety.

Rain is a blessing

Once I sang for Lut Hanif, ” rain, rain go away, come again another day..” ,then came Ayah, he stopped me,” Dont sing that, rain is a blessing.Bad and good that comes from HIM, ask for protection…”

It’s raining so heavily now, and I du’a, “Ya Allah, make the rain be a beneficial rain to us….”


Back to the lyrics, Mummy need to change right,hmmm…how about “rain, rain, pour pour pour, Thanks Allah for all the blessing….”

Okay right!!

How can I help my child develop a good vocabulary?


Elaine McEwan-Adkins

educational consultant



Talk to your child constantly. Children learn language and increase their vocabulary in only one way — listening to the people around them. The richer and more abundant the language they hear daily, the more well developed their own language will be. In addition to normal conversation, however, you have dozens of creative and enjoyable ways to increase your child’s vocabulary that can also build family bonds and heighten family fun.

Read aloud. Of course, you’ve been reading aloud to your child since he was born, but try reading books with characters and plots. Take time for discussion and point out new words and concepts to your child.

Show and tell. Whenever you go somewhere, collect something to bring back. Have a show-and-tell time when the family is together. Give your child the floor to tell about his treasure. These special objects need not be expensive or elaborate. The important part is sharing information and experiences.

Talk. Never underestimate the importance of good conversation and information to the development of vocabulary.

Label, label, label. Give your children as much vocabulary as you can. They will probably remember the big words most easily because shorter words with similar letters such as “was” and “saw” and “which” and “when” are confusing. Most preschoolers know all the names of dinosaurs that most adults can barely pronounce. Their minds are like sponges.

Use a variety of words to describe things; don’t just use “good” and “nice.” Take each new experience you have as an opportunity to learn new words. When you visit the auto shop to get a new muffler, talk about mufflers, tail pipes, exhaust systems, and welding. When you visit the greenhouse to choose new plants for the garden, talk about marigolds, impatiens, zinnias, and geraniums. When you make a new recipe, talk about woks, peanut oil, soy sauce, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, and pea pods.

Raising him, our child……

I believe every parents raise their children differently.
Different values, cultures and religions.
Ultimately, the goal for us here is to raise him,our child,to be a muslim.

Ayah keep reminding Mummy,that the first madrassah for a child is the MOTHER who should try their level best to raise a pious child.
(Mummy nie sometimes the head must kena knock……..heee,  Ayah will always shake his head… opssss)
The MOTHER’s influence on the child is far greater than that of the father.
“kalau mak nya senget, anak pon senget…”

Sound familiar right?

I wanna cut & paste a hadith but it seems Ayah told me later kena criticised like him. They will ask where is the correct source bla bla bla…. better don’t lah eh…heeee…… nevermind then

Mummy is still trying her best here,to be the best example for him.
And with HIS guidance, InsyaAllah.

Yes, it is true that the first learning center for a child is the MOTHER, but the mannerisms of the parents are also reflected in a child too.
We as a parents should be a good example in our behaviour because a child like to imitate their parents in their sayings and also their deeds.

Infact, we as a parents bear the same responsibility to raise,educate and insyaAllah build a new generation in the correct way.

In reality,as a parents,we exhibit different parenting style. Mummy exhibit different style and Ayah has his own style.
We did share our views,discuss over it and still working on it.
Indeed we are glad to have a group of friends that share their experience on parenting too.

Thanks alot.

Mummy did her reading too.(Kiasu mummy…LOL) And never fail to share with Ayah.

Being a first time parents definitely has its “pluses” and “minuses” .
Afterall, we are still learning parents. RIGHT!

But in order to bring the best for him, of course we both need to COMPROMISE.
We need the consistency of course, later he will be conpuse man.
nak ikut mummy ke ayah …hmmmm


Importantly, what Im trying to say is, the role as a parent for us, we need to talk to our child of the differences between how our family does things and how other families do things. Definitely to include religious belief to cultural background for sure. In this way our child will learn about tolerance and RESPECT for the way OUR family does things as well as how other families do things.

why dia boleh celebrate birthday? why kita tak boleh?


It will be tough definitely but insyaAllah, we can set a true path for him.

Yet, regardless of all that, parents throughout would definitely share the same basic goal for their children.
Am I right.

All we can do is take the means,the end is up to HIM.


Let’s pray that we are able to teach and raise our child, in your any other way which is RIGHT for you.