My 36hrs of Induced Labour

Here you go….

On Friday, 23rd Sept 2011, I had my gynae checkup for my week 38.

I was told by Dr SF Loh due to my light elevated blood pressure of 149/86, he scheduled my admission on Saturday, 24th Sept 2011 for induction of labour.

Suddenly, I was feeling nervous, scared and at the same time excited to meet my Lut Hanif.

*wipe my tears*

On Saturday, 24th Sept 2011, 930hr,I reported to the delivery suite. Boy was not allowed in the observation room, I was then induced & strapped down with CTG monitoring baby’s heartbeat and contraction at 1022hr for 3hrs.

No contraction and I was sent to my ward to rest,sleep, had lunch & dinner till 6pm where I was back at the observation room for the 2nd doses for another 3 hrs again.

The same procedure.

At 9pm, I was sent back to my ward. I was told to rest & to inform them immediately ;

1. if my water bag burst

2. intense contraction.

Seriously getting impatience you know.I cant feel the contraction.

“bila nak beranak dear……”

“malam nie u beranak….u rest rest…..”

And it started at 10pm.

The contraction.

It was a night battle of tossing, turning, walking up & down the room, around the ward till Sunday 25th Sept 2011, 530am where I reported back to the delivery suite AGAIN.

And we were shocked that the 3rd doses did not happen but to the labour ward we went.

The contraction were 5mins apart yet I’m 1cm dilated only, at 0640hr.

1000hr, Dr Loh came to break my water bag. I was 3cm dilated.

“Dont worry, you will give birth today…”

I was put on ocytocin drip and the intense contraction came one on top of another, seemingly without a pause. 3mins apart. Seriously, the gas mask tak guna lah. I was totally in pain but i tahan (Boy tak tahan seeing me that situation, he kept asking me nak epidural tak? LOL Told him I can tahan i can tahan) till I decided to give up at 10pm.

Epidural to the rescue.


0230hr, Nurse checked that I was 7cm dilated only. Indeed a slow progress. Baby was distress. So I was prepared for Emergency C-Section.

26th Sep 2011, 0319hr, after years of trying, waiting & the IVF journey, by the grace of Allah the most high, the most Supreme, the delivery of our son, Lut Hanif, our very own offspring has finally happened.

All praise is for Allah.

We are blessed with a healthy son, Alhamdulilah.










Induced labour

Pray for me.

Having macdonald breakfast before
heading to delivery suite in a while.


May Allah make it easier for me.