You are 34 today. Alhamdulilah.

The day Lut Hanif born, Ayah instantly changed.

Ayah suprised me as he confidently sit into the role of a father,he bathed,played,prepared milk,fetched and drove Lut Hanif & Mummy around.

His involvement in Lut Hanif’s growing up indeed touched me.

You are the imam of our family.

You are the man who leads me toward the right path.

You are the one that advice and encourage me to wear hijab.

You are my support and strength.

You are the one who make me a mother.

You being You.

And You are also the ONE that messed the house, who still leaves clothes, dishes around and irritates the heck of me definitely.heeeeee…….

Nevertheless, I thanks ALLAH for everything.

I wanna you to know, no matter what others thinks of you, the criticism etc , I will stand by you always.InsyaAllah.

As years goes by, I have learnt to recognise problems we faced is a test from HIM.

I dont believe there’s perfect marriage, marriage is not about perfection.

I pray that our life, marriage and family be showered with HIS blessings.InsyaAllah.

Once again, May Allah bless you my dear husband with good health and every step you take in life.



Love from your dear wife, Mummy.



Lut Hanif is ONE!

To our beloved son, you may not understand anything now.
Like what Ayah told you, he don’t allow us to celebrate birthday BUT when you GROW up, increase that particular day in sedekah and ibadah.
IMPORTANTLY, thanks ALLAH for the rezeki for HE is the most merciful, the MOST high.
And be LUT the true believer.InsyaAllah.
Always be humble my son.

And you wanna know how we spent our quality time as a family for his first, we visited the ZOO and Mummy’s treat for both his paternal & maternal family.

Come on everyone , Let’s do the zoo rap.

ONE , TWO, we going to the zoo.

THREE, FOUR, we hear the lions roar.

FIVE, SIX, we hear the monkey tricks,









SURPRISE 1st month

Visited my company with some goodies for my bosses and colleagues, oh and we didnt expect a surprise cake presented to him.

Thanks Maritec Uncles & Aunties!

Psst : That’s my sleeping hunk, despite them singing the birthday songs for him..lol
@Day 31

The Move, Big 3 Zero & Stage 2

The sungguh last min “small” move in to our crib.

Thanks to Papa, Mama,Sis lyana, Mak long & Ashiq for sponsoring the foods.

Invited close family & cousins only.

Didnt expect friends to dropby.

We appreciate your presence indeed.

We shall have the official housewarming next year….

And the place I call home is indeed a gift for my 30th.

The Big 3 Zero



I had another type of drug injection today.

– subcut Puregon 150 units for the next 7 days + my daily lucrin 10 units.


– Follitropin beta belongs to a class of medications called gonadotropins. Follitropin beta contains a hormone similar to the human hormone called follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

Follitropin beta causes eggs to become mature and ready for release by the ovary.

Yes, bringing the toll to two injections per day.