We miss Australia!










We’re missing the roadtrips and food AGAIN….

His first roadtrip was during his 68th days , barely 3 months, we hit the road up North with Ayah’s maternal family.

Ayah & Mummy love roadtrips so much and of course it was all about the FOOD in KL.

Everything HALAL you know.

Subway, Tony Romas, Carls Junior, Chilis, TGIF….and many2 more lor.


And we were back on his 9 months +, that impromptu roadtrip where we booked our accomodation a week before.

The quality time with the men.

It was a blast!

And definitely its all about  food and food yet AGAIN …heee…and abit of shopping.

SALE yoooo….

If you like food, KL is the place definitely.
Let the pictures do the talking again yeah…



And we heading up North again, this coming weekend with our new ride.

Woot woot.

Melaka and KL here we come…..bringing Atok Sarip, Nenek & Nenek Long along.

Pray for our safety.


You are 34 today. Alhamdulilah.

The day Lut Hanif born, Ayah instantly changed.

Ayah suprised me as he confidently sit into the role of a father,he bathed,played,prepared milk,fetched and drove Lut Hanif & Mummy around.

His involvement in Lut Hanif’s growing up indeed touched me.

You are the imam of our family.

You are the man who leads me toward the right path.

You are the one that advice and encourage me to wear hijab.

You are my support and strength.

You are the one who make me a mother.

You being You.

And You are also the ONE that messed the house, who still leaves clothes, dishes around and irritates the heck of me definitely.heeeeee…….

Nevertheless, I thanks ALLAH for everything.

I wanna you to know, no matter what others thinks of you, the criticism etc , I will stand by you always.InsyaAllah.

As years goes by, I have learnt to recognise problems we faced is a test from HIM.

I dont believe there’s perfect marriage, marriage is not about perfection.

I pray that our life, marriage and family be showered with HIS blessings.InsyaAllah.

Once again, May Allah bless you my dear husband with good health and every step you take in life.



Love from your dear wife, Mummy.



Rain is a blessing

Once I sang for Lut Hanif, ” rain, rain go away, come again another day..” ,then came Ayah, he stopped me,” Dont sing that, rain is a blessing.Bad and good that comes from HIM, ask for protection…”

It’s raining so heavily now, and I du’a, “Ya Allah, make the rain be a beneficial rain to us….”


Back to the lyrics, Mummy need to change right,hmmm…how about “rain, rain, pour pour pour, Thanks Allah for all the blessing….”

Okay right!!

Wash wash

Finally had the first batch of baby’s new clothes washed. (yeah hand wash as instructed hehehe)

Thanks Ayah Boy!

And Mummy did the 2nd batch of hands down clothes by my Niece Mala & good friend Aries. Pretty stuffs they have there.:-) Thank you.

And Ayah Boy took over with our little man new socks. Alalala so tinynya….
Not forgetting his qc checks,” masih basah nie, u tak perah betul2. ”
Hehehe and it goes to washing machine for a spin. Heh!

Ok next batch to be done this weekend by Ayah boy’s 13kg washing machine. Heh heh heh.

Ok see you later Baby LH.




All because of YOU

He offload his feveret ride, FJR.

He sold the hatchback, Subaru.

And we got a bigger boot space, more room legs, better drivability & fuel oil consumption.(the pakcik2 car we shall say..lol)

All because of you baby….


We can’t wait for your arrival.




His SMSes

“How Baby LH?Is he awake?”

“What Mummy LH doing?”

That’s Ayah Boy SMSes nowadays….:-)