14 weeks

For the past 2 days I’ve been having brown discharged. 


Just pray and pray. In Shaa Allah. 

Now I’m waiting for my turn to meet Prof Tan. 

BISMILLAH, may all be well. 

***************************************** 610pm appointment with Prof Tan.

Alhamdulilah obviously from the ultrasound baby was moving non stop. 

Happy mummy. I’m so glad you are all fine in there. 

A brother love

In Shaa Allah. ❤️

13 weeks 

Alhamdulillah, today marks the start of my 2nd trimester. 

Though I didn’t struggle with any morning sickness, I feel exhausted easily and hungry always. The taste bud suddenly changed tremendously. Ahhh….. I’m fine with that. Just love drinking juice, eating fruits and more fruits.  

Every night, basically I can’t wait to crawl to my bed. I am indeed blessed to have my husband whom assisted me with some of the house chores especially laundry and settling the son too. What will I do without you dear. Thank you for tolerating my whims too.  Heh. 

Since the holy month of fasting started, I attempted to fast but unfortunately I was unable to hold my fast till 10 am. Same case when I was pregnant with Lut Hanif 6 years ago. Importantly, what’s matter most is the mother carrying her child. I might putting the health of my baby at risk. No, Yes? Only Allah knows best. Different for everyone too. 

So…. When will I be seeing you baby? 20th June. I can’t wait for the scan. Perhaps we will know the gender by then. So exciting. 

Till then…..I love being pregnant. A beautiful journey it will be. In Shaa Allah. 

Alhamdulilah, Thanks Allah. 

Last phase of 2nd trimester

Week 26 Day 4

Reached my last phase of the 2nd trimester pregnancy.


And big HELLO to rib & lower back pain. I cant sit for long during dinner yesterday. Then having difficulty to sleep. As usual whiny. Kecian boy kena layan karenah bini dia lol

And yes, my little man inside me is extremely active nowadays.

He’s been jumping & kicking in there.
Happening eh!
When Aunty Farah & Aunty Esah touched my belly, you moved.
So clever…not shy lah!

Ayah Boy finally felt his move yesterday when he put his hand on my belly.
Awwww the moment.


And I have been coughing for two days.bad bad InsyaAllah it won’t affect baby.

Read online:

The baby is cushioned in the womb in a way that sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose has no effect, everything is really well planned.
So coughing won’t hurt baby but might pull a muscle if I cough really hard.

So pls, I wanna get well soon.


Hello little man!

Weighing 853g at his Week 25 Day 4. My little man is an average baby.
Mummy gained 1kg only, Ho Ho Ho ohh and so far throughout the pregnancy it’s a total of 2.5kg.Very good.Keep it up.
Was told by gynae to maintain my weigh. With all the sweet craving, I hope so.:-)

Everything is all fine with baby development thus far, Alhamdulilah.

Cant wait to see you again my little man on 29th July. Be good ok.


Baby's spine


Baby's head

Week 25 Melaka Trip

Mummy managed to convince Ayah Boy for a short getaway to Melaka few days ago.

For food, rest & relax.

It was indeed a wonderful impromptu trip, nonetheless… with Nenek & Aunty Lynda with us and of course our good friends Jaz & Su together with their family as well. (when we heard abt their plan, we decided to tag along! haha)

Despite staying in different hotels.(around the same area actually)

Satisfied my craving of chendol, Assam pedas, umbai seafood & of course A&W fix.

And we simply love our stay in holiday inn Melaka.
We will be back again definitely.










Week 25