We’re missing the roadtrips and food AGAIN….

His first roadtrip was during his 68th days , barely 3 months, we hit the road up North with Ayah’s maternal family.

Ayah & Mummy love roadtrips so much and of course it was all about the FOOD in KL.

Everything HALAL you know.

Subway, Tony Romas, Carls Junior, Chilis, TGIF….and many2 more lor.


And we were back on his 9 months +, that impromptu roadtrip where we booked our accomodation a week before.

The quality time with the men.

It was a blast!

And definitely its all about  food and food yet AGAIN …heee…and abit of shopping.

SALE yoooo….

If you like food, KL is the place definitely.
Let the pictures do the talking again yeah…



And we heading up North again, this coming weekend with our new ride.

Woot woot.

Melaka and KL here we come…..bringing Atok Sarip, Nenek & Nenek Long along.

Pray for our safety.

Less Talk And A Lot of Action (hyper him)

Introduce activity station at his 3rd mth & 3rd week.

Mak saw $69.90 but cashier ckp $149. Lol anything for u son.

Hope to develop fine & gross motor skills too.

Have fun!


At 3rd mths 2 weeks

Lamaze the sotong & him

At 3rd mths 1 week

Day 87

His little talk with Ayah.

Little talk with my Datok Sarip

Day 74



Motor skills Day 66

To stimulate his senses & also encourage him to lift his hand.