Lut Hanif is ONE!

To our beloved son, you may not understand anything now.
Like what Ayah told you, he don’t allow us to celebrate birthday BUT when you GROW up, increase that particular day in sedekah and ibadah.
IMPORTANTLY, thanks ALLAH for the rezeki for HE is the most merciful, the MOST high.
And be LUT the true believer.InsyaAllah.
Always be humble my son.

And you wanna know how we spent our quality time as a family for his first, we visited the ZOO and Mummy’s treat for both his paternal & maternal family.

Come on everyone , Let’s do the zoo rap.

ONE , TWO, we going to the zoo.

THREE, FOUR, we hear the lions roar.

FIVE, SIX, we hear the monkey tricks,









Rain is a blessing

Once I sang for Lut Hanif, ” rain, rain go away, come again another day..” ,then came Ayah, he stopped me,” Dont sing that, rain is a blessing.Bad and good that comes from HIM, ask for protection…”

It’s raining so heavily now, and I du’a, “Ya Allah, make the rain be a beneficial rain to us….”


Back to the lyrics, Mummy need to change right,hmmm…how about “rain, rain, pour pour pour, Thanks Allah for all the blessing….”

Okay right!!

mummm muuuuummmmmm….


Did my son trying to call me, mummy or mummm mummm lol?
Nevertheless, good job, Alhamdulilah, 12 months 2 weeks milestones.

A year ago

Vividly remember the morning, a year ago, the nurse handed you, my beautiful baby, and I whispered to you, “Assalammualaikum, Lut Hanif, Mummy here….Hello Lut Hanif…”
All praise is for ALLAH, Alhamdulilah.
It is only by HIS generosity that we have been blessed with an offspring.
May Allah continue to guide us to raise you.