SURPRISE 1st month

Visited my company with some goodies for my bosses and colleagues, oh and we didnt expect a surprise cake presented to him.

Thanks Maritec Uncles & Aunties!

Psst : That’s my sleeping hunk, despite them singing the birthday songs for
@Day 31

travel document

Finally, a passport for you to travel with Ayah & Mummy.

woot woot!

strength & vitality

Im glad and thankful to my mother for staying with me for 1 month plus to cook, take care & did laundry for Lut Hanif & me.

May Allah bless her.

See below, that’s my confinement food.

I was treated like queen youuuuu….she served me.seriously.LOL

Thanks Mama!


High Tea at Carousel on your day 24.

Opps despite my confinement.Langgar terus. LOL

Just because Mummy love buffet you know. Period.

Boy meets Girl

At Day 29

When Lut Hanif meets Nur Iman Natasha


Can you handle both Ayah?

Twins.Okay? 🙂


Day 17

He has been circumcised at Dr Sidek Clinic on 12th Oct 2011.

Ayah & Mummy watched the whole procedure.


Alot of blood involved of course and he was crying throughout the procedure.Sad for him.From the side, Mummy called your name continuous and that was my best to console him at that moment while on the other hand nenek was crying.Very drama lor kan.

And after the 15mins procedure or so, tadaaa, we carried him and he stopped crying and were sleeping throughout the journey to City Square Mall where we had our Lunch at Manhattan Fish.

Good job my brave little man!

And amazingly no cries of pain except for his usual milk, fart & poo poo lol

By day 5, the ring fell off.









A family of 3 now.

a boy is in pledge for his aqiqah

On his 7th day, Ayah shaved his head, weighed his hair and gave charity.


“The Prophet (SAW) said, “ A boy is in pledge for his Aqiqah, sacrifice is made for him on the seventh day, his head is shaved and he is given a name.”

We will find a right source to sacrifice 2 sheep for him soon.InsyaAllah.


Before & After