11 weeks ~ a fetus

Miracles happen everyday. 

Allahu akhbar! Alhamdulillah.
Thank Allah for your rezeki. 

Peace be upon you, BABY L!

You are growing fast! 

My new Edd will be 15th Dec 2017. In Shaa Allah. 

Pls keep us in your prayers and may Allah ease this beautiful pregnancy journey of mine.  

To those out there trying to conceive, remember never never never give up. KEEP ON TRYING. 

Mummy will see you in 4 weeks time. 

For now be good, grow healthily and back to mummy’s last revision before that 3 mths break from school.

Yes exam,on Monday. 

I can do this. Wish mummy good luck okay! Amin. 

2 Comments on “11 weeks ~ a fetus”

  1. Ashley says:

    Do u mind if I can have your contact no,?

    I’m a patient of Dr. Tan at KK hospital.

    My no is 9152 8354.


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