Spotting Day 2

Woke up and first thing I did was to check for any spotting. Phew. Alhamdulilah.

No more spotting.

Sent the son to his Nenek house. I miss the husband. That daily driving miss Lydia to work and school. Pamper hor.

Drove to work and upon reaching the office, to the toilet again.  Ehh very worrying you know. Yes.

Spotting again.

I took urgent half day off.

My mum was complaining of her legs pain and bloated hands too. Excema getting worsen. Sigh. Bought her lunch. She complained of her bloated hand. “I cant  even put on my own grandson clothes.”Hello, this grandson also pamper lah eh!  He knows how to wear his own clotheslah, nenek . May Allah make it easy for her. Few more mths to go Nenek…..P1 Soon. To student care you go son.

Fetched the husband whom just came back his Bromo ride. Settled the son and had a nap before my night class.

(been missing school for 2 weeks too! Gosh! ) 

Both of them sent and waited for me in school.  Poor them right. Had to learn spelling in the car and mall. Sacrifices sacrifices. We can do this!

Night check again. Alhamdulillah no spotting.

I will continue to monitor again.

Ya Allah, pls make my journey smooth.

Keep my close ones safe and healthy. For me too. Amin.


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