Positive +


I was in the car with the husband when the nurse informed me of my blood test result.

I couldn’t hold my tears.

Even the husband said,”nak nangis nangis……” (if you want to cry , cryyyy, cry it out!)

I was told to return to KKIVF for my medication in the afternoon.

And my 2WW ended with super great news.

Thank you ALLAH!


I came back in the afternoon to collect my blood test results, and also my 3 types of medication for my positive pregnancy. 

BHCG on 12 April 2017,412.8 iu/L

My next appt will be Prof Tan Heng Hao on 26 April 2017. 

An hour before seeing the doctor, I will need to be at AMC Women’s Tower Level 1 at 3pm for my first trimester dating. 

Collected 3 types of medications  that cost $165.

And back to work tmr….. And School assignment to do.(missing out classes too)  I can do this. In Shaa Allah. 

I pray for a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Amin amin. 


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