I was 20 minutes late for frozen embryos transfer, FET. I was feeling nervous while waiting for my turn.  And having full bladder doesn’t help. Lol 

Got called up by the nurse at counter 7.She explained and as usual the paper work, sign here sign there, reminded us to submit the cheque of $68.48 (for 1 embryo transferred) for the insurance plan. She handed us the 14 days HL and wishes us all the best for my procedure. 

At 11am I was called up by the nurse to the embryo transfer room. Waited 15mins for Prof Tan. Oh my, I was told to hold my pee balls.

The procedure seems very similar to a pap smear for woman. No pain and no sedating of course but uncomfortable. Tahan only lah. Nak anak kan. 

 The procedure took abt 5-7mins. We were actually deciding to transfer 2 Embryos but due to Prof Tan’s advice, the risk of having twins. We decided to go for 1. He kept saying it is a good grade embryo among the 6. In Shaa Allah. 

Once Prof Tan bid goodbye, wishing us good luck and to rest well, the embryologist came in and handed over the picture of our Grade B blastocyst, the embryo transferred. We have remaining of 5 embryos and we will only get to know the outcome of the rest when we come back for the pregnancy test in 12 April. 

The chance of a single embryo dividing and resulting in identical twins is also higher after IVF, particularly after blastocyst transfer, however it is not yet known why this happens. So it is possible to end up with twins from the transfer of a single embryo, or triplets from two embryos.”

No matters what’s the result 1 or 2, we will accept his plan. 

Allah has a purpose for this pain and reason for our struggle and a reward for our faithfulness. I won’t give up.

Pray for us. Till the 2 weeks wait,12 April 2017.

For now, time off from work,bed rest, oh well,not totally right, lying on the sofa for movie marathon and of course bossing the husband lol. 


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