Pre-Embryo Transfer

The Instruction: 

On day 2,  I totally forgotten to insert the vaginal crinone. I was damn freaked out. I instantly messaged the husband and he texted “next year ivf ah!” ha ha ha….funny!

He instructed me once I’m back from school, instantly apply it. Of course he googled what’s the used of the gel? Me too. Dah kancheong seh!

Definitely to treat infertility in women who do not make enough of a certain natural hormone called progesterone. Progesterone works by preparing the lining of the womb to receive a fertilized egg. This hormone is needed to maintain pregnancy. 

It’s like a supplement. Oh oh…..The husband supposedly macam ye ye wanted to assist with the insertion but was laughing at me by the side when I applied it. Bertuah punya laki! 

Basically just use the applicator to insert the gel into the Vagina and throw it away. 

Twice in a day till the day of my transfer.



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