Late talker – 16th July 2013


Lut Hanif started babbling after we sent him to the playgroup at his 19 months Week 2.
He’s still not talking much, but he understand

Actually it’s hard not to be concerned despite positive remarks from family & friends on his developments.
Especially, Ayah, he kept reminding Mummy children learn to talk at different rates.They learn at their own pace.
As long he understand and responded eg, “Lut Hanif, pls pass the tv controller to Ayah?”
And HE DID passed to Ayah.

And hey I should be PROUD of his developments thus far.
See he showed us how to duá.


And his enthusiastic especially to the supermarket

As a mother, I try my very best to help him improve with his speech and ,recognizing words.

He may develop early in other areas (like climbing and jumping and other physical tasks) master language more slowly probably because he is busy concentrating on those other skills perhaps.

Nevertheless he is my late bloomer.