Im not

Tested negative.

Though Im late for a month. Period gone haywire yet again.

InsyaAllah, have faith, will keep on trying naturally till next year, once everything settle down we will proceed for our embryos transfers.

Remember we have 6 embryos waiting….InsyaAllah. HE is great. One day HE will grant us with another offspring.

am i

The morning of AidilAdha, I dreamt about me being pregnant….

*OOOooooo when was my last period?hmmmm


You are 34 today. Alhamdulilah.

The day Lut Hanif born, Ayah instantly changed.

Ayah suprised me as he confidently sit into the role of a father,he bathed,played,prepared milk,fetched and drove Lut Hanif & Mummy around.

His involvement in Lut Hanif’s growing up indeed touched me.

You are the imam of our family.

You are the man who leads me toward the right path.

You are the one that advice and encourage me to wear hijab.

You are my support and strength.

You are the one who make me a mother.

You being You.

And You are also the ONE that messed the house, who still leaves clothes, dishes around and irritates the heck of me definitely.heeeeee…….

Nevertheless, I thanks ALLAH for everything.

I wanna you to know, no matter what others thinks of you, the criticism etc , I will stand by you always.InsyaAllah.

As years goes by, I have learnt to recognise problems we faced is a test from HIM.

I dont believe there’s perfect marriage, marriage is not about perfection.

I pray that our life, marriage and family be showered with HIS blessings.InsyaAllah.

Once again, May Allah bless you my dear husband with good health and every step you take in life.



Love from your dear wife, Mummy.



Lut Hanif is ONE!

To our beloved son, you may not understand anything now.
Like what Ayah told you, he don’t allow us to celebrate birthday BUT when you GROW up, increase that particular day in sedekah and ibadah.
IMPORTANTLY, thanks ALLAH for the rezeki for HE is the most merciful, the MOST high.
And be LUT the true believer.InsyaAllah.
Always be humble my son.

And you wanna know how we spent our quality time as a family for his first, we visited the ZOO and Mummy’s treat for both his paternal & maternal family.

Come on everyone , Let’s do the zoo rap.

ONE , TWO, we going to the zoo.

THREE, FOUR, we hear the lions roar.

FIVE, SIX, we hear the monkey tricks,









Rain is a blessing

Once I sang for Lut Hanif, ” rain, rain go away, come again another day..” ,then came Ayah, he stopped me,” Dont sing that, rain is a blessing.Bad and good that comes from HIM, ask for protection…”

It’s raining so heavily now, and I du’a, “Ya Allah, make the rain be a beneficial rain to us….”


Back to the lyrics, Mummy need to change right,hmmm…how about “rain, rain, pour pour pour, Thanks Allah for all the blessing….”

Okay right!!

mummm muuuuummmmmm….


Did my son trying to call me, mummy or mummm mummm lol?
Nevertheless, good job, Alhamdulilah, 12 months 2 weeks milestones.

How can I help my child develop a good vocabulary?


Elaine McEwan-Adkins

educational consultant



Talk to your child constantly. Children learn language and increase their vocabulary in only one way — listening to the people around them. The richer and more abundant the language they hear daily, the more well developed their own language will be. In addition to normal conversation, however, you have dozens of creative and enjoyable ways to increase your child’s vocabulary that can also build family bonds and heighten family fun.

Read aloud. Of course, you’ve been reading aloud to your child since he was born, but try reading books with characters and plots. Take time for discussion and point out new words and concepts to your child.

Show and tell. Whenever you go somewhere, collect something to bring back. Have a show-and-tell time when the family is together. Give your child the floor to tell about his treasure. These special objects need not be expensive or elaborate. The important part is sharing information and experiences.

Talk. Never underestimate the importance of good conversation and information to the development of vocabulary.

Label, label, label. Give your children as much vocabulary as you can. They will probably remember the big words most easily because shorter words with similar letters such as “was” and “saw” and “which” and “when” are confusing. Most preschoolers know all the names of dinosaurs that most adults can barely pronounce. Their minds are like sponges.

Use a variety of words to describe things; don’t just use “good” and “nice.” Take each new experience you have as an opportunity to learn new words. When you visit the auto shop to get a new muffler, talk about mufflers, tail pipes, exhaust systems, and welding. When you visit the greenhouse to choose new plants for the garden, talk about marigolds, impatiens, zinnias, and geraniums. When you make a new recipe, talk about woks, peanut oil, soy sauce, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, and pea pods.