A year ago

Vividly remember the morning, a year ago, the nurse handed you, my beautiful baby, and I whispered to you, “Assalammualaikum, Lut Hanif, Mummy here….Hello Lut Hanif…”
All praise is for ALLAH, Alhamdulilah.
It is only by HIS generosity that we have been blessed with an offspring.
May Allah continue to guide us to raise you.

1st trip to Polliwogs

We headed down to The Polliwogs at East Coast Park on a weekday since we were both on am shift.

Less crowd of course, that’s the good side.

And its $10 only for unlimited time on weekdays.

There you go.

He had a fabulous time exploring.

We will be back for sure. 🙂








My baby is walking

My walking baby.