10 months and growing

Now, its all about you, Lut Hanif.

Alhamdulilah. you turns 10 months today.

You grow so fast. Time goes so fast too…..Thanks Allah.

Being a mother is challenging, but very fulfilling.Struggling here and there of course but I wont change it for the world. Motherhood is not without its challenges right. It is true that everything changes when you have children. All of our priorities changes too.  Mummy is still learning here.

Good friends always reminds me babies are unique and develop at their own pace.

You are unique in your own ways my dear son.

Grow well and be a pious son. InsyaAllah

 2 months more to your 1st…..

happy parents make happy babies

“It’s not just the quality of the mother and father’s relationship with the child, but how they’re managing as a couple that affects how well kids do. Not many couples truly share the load equally, but where it does feel shared, the husband and wife are happier as a couple and their parenting is more effective and nurturing.”
Quoted from Discovery Fit & Health

Lut Hanif @ 9 months

Recommended by our good friend, Aries, we started the trial class at Gymboree for Play & Learn on his 9 months.

Play & Learn 2 ( 6- 10 months old)

Learn about cause and effect and build strength through play with ramps, slides and climbers.

Includes parents discussion time to help learn about our child’s development too20120709-210017.jpg






We attended 2 trial class. One with Ayah & the one without.

Lut gets excited with the balls especially, (so difficult to get his attetion) oh ya the balls.

On his 1st class, Teacher Su taught the class how to clean up after playing. They sang a song, “clean up clean up” .He cried after I helped him put the toys away. But on his 2nd lesson, we did the same routine and amazingly, happily he reacted positively. To me, it was a great improvement.

But he is still afraid of bubbles, especially the part where Teacher Su blow directly to his face. He turned away & clinged on me.

And indeed from the class attended, I would love to know more of his weakness, get familiarise and I hope to see improvement and coach him to overcome his fear.

Let’s wait for Ayah decision to enrol him for the class.