6 months

Lut Hanif,

What a 6 months it has been!

He has reached so many milestones. Alhamdulilah.

6 months is when it starts getting really interesting…. Right. LOL

Wonder what’s the next 6 months will bring…

Bring it on, Lut!








Confession of a working mother

Nothing new just confession of a working mother who has to leave her son at her parent’s place (Bedok) & work (Pandan Loop) to pay house (CCK) bills, loans, etc. Reality.

Lut Hanif will be turning 6 months in a few days time. How time flies. Weighing from 3kg, he gained to a hefty 8kg now. Growing well son, Alhamdulilah.

Motherhood is one of HIS greatest rewards in life. And, Alhamdulilah, I have been blessed with this opportunity. Importantly, it has been a wonderful experience and nothing will ever take the place of the emotions I felt the first time I held him in my arms. His first breath.

After my maternity leave of 3 months +,Im back to work & it’s the beginning of rollercoaster ride of emotions especially for most working mother. Am I right?  Most of the time, I don’t get to see him everyday as my parents & sister do. errr 5-6 days. Sometimes 12 days straight  (once a month, where I have to work on alternate sat and sun), that’s my work schedule for you.  But we did squeezed in time to visit him before or after our shift work. Rindu anak oiii.

Lut Hanif is indeed very lucky to have extremely caring & enthusiatic grandmother taking care of him. She quit her part time job upon his grand appearance solely to take care of him & me during my confinement. May Allah bless her. Not to mention the love he gets from the grandparents, my siblings, cousins ,aunties & uncles. Alhamdulilah.

The truth here, I do have fear of whether will he recognize me as his mother. The one that give birth to him. Well, I just feel that we did spend our quality time with him on our off days. Is it sufficient enough?

Not to mention, missing  his first word, missing him every other minutes, messaging my sister to send videos and pictures of him. And the list goes on and on….

The pain of staying away from your first born.Hurt.

Everyday, I will be calling my mother to check on him. In the office, I will be like,

“Hello lut hanif!”

“Mummy here.”

“Mummy work. Ayah work. Lut Hanif at nenek house”

“What are you doing?” “Drink your milk.” “Eat your biskot?”

Singing twinkle-twinkle little stars, A,B,C 1,2 ,3 to him.


Even my colleagues would join in my conversation with him. Hilarious.

Soon, we have to make some changes and decisions. (Mummy wanna see you everyday you know!)  InsyaAllah, the best for him. For our family.

Boy always reminds me, the first madrassah for a child is the MOTHER who should try their level best to raise a pious child. InsyaAllah Lut Hanif, I will be here for you to be the best example, a good role model.

Mummy & Ayah will need some time.