Lut Hanif

Let’s welcome our beautiful baby, Lut Hanif.

Arrived 26th Sept 2011 @ 0319hr
Weigh 3.025 kg , 47 tall.



Hello everyone

Induced labour

Pray for me.

Having macdonald breakfast before
heading to delivery suite in a while.


May Allah make it easier for me.

Week 38

Yesterday, it seems to me Baby is not moving much as before.

He was extremely active before,kinda abit stress when he has not be active.

Talk to him, shake my tumtum, woke up every 2 hrs.Yes.Paranoid.

And earlier on just now as if he was saying to me “chill out mummy, im just running out of room!!”

And he started squirming, Alhamdulilah.

Nervous….as the day coming nearer probably.

May Allah make it easier for my delivery InsyaAllah.



Mummy went out for a short shopping date yesterday.heh!

Ruggers Beraya

Missed out 2 jalan raya outings with friends few days ago.

We managed to join the Ruggers instead.Yes, visited 11 houses,I survived. Despite the braxton hicks, swollen nose, hands, legs.Heh.

Thanks to them for layaning Mak Buyong too.

And Mr Boy. (ada jugak dia lupa bini!lol)













Anticipating your arrival baby

So today is the official start of Mummy’s Maternity leave.

Mummy missed the annual jalan raya hebat with the gin gang & family today.

Resting at home while Ayah Boy is at work now.

So what’s Mummy up to for today?

Doing up your room.





The Checkup

Yesterday checkup with DR SF Loh.

Amniotic fluid is ok.
Baby size is ok.
Negative for GBS test ( is a kind of bacteria that many people harbor in their intestinal tracts. The bacteria may also inhabit the vagina as well and be passed to baby during labour.)

Everything else looks fine. Alhamdulilah.

Except as usual, my blood pressure kena repeated thrice. On the high side always. Gynae told me to monitor. Luckily Ayah Boy has the set.

Baby is 3kg now in his Week 37. Hah!

Gynae predicted that baby will be 3.4kg when he is out. Big right!!

I hope it won’t be hard for me to push. InsyaAllah.

Expected due date still 3-4th Oct.

Yeah 2 weeks for mummy to rest before your arrival as Mummy’s ML will officially start,17th Sept.


Here’s a scan pic of you.




Mummy in her ASOS new dress….


Mummy then had a Girly Affair with your feveret aunties. It’s Aunty Lenny’s 29th Birthday.



Here’s Aunty Farah & Aunty Lenny.Mother of one & two.Gorgeous mummies…


Another hot mummies in the blogging world. Aunty Hana & Aunty Esah.


Here’s Aunty Rini & Aunty Ayu, the talented duo. Cooking, baking, creative them.



With pretty Aunty Pina, she love baking too you know.Talented.


Week 37

Alhamdulilah, reached Week 37.

A full term baby you are.

We have 3 weeks to go you know baby.

Mummy hope you are growing healthy & gaining weigh..err but not so much hokay.Hehe

Although it’s getting harder to get comfortable to sleep nowadays, Mummy don’t mind at all.

Ayah boy & Mummy can’t wait to see you…

You will eventually complete us…..

And mummy must look out for signs of labour…

Still clueless you know especially false labour and true labour.

How how how?

Must read more online & of course walking information by mummy’s friends. They are always there for mummy you know.

Those Aunties out there can’t wait to meet you too baby…

Alhamdulilah. So far this pregnancy has went pretty well smoothly so hoping it continues the way till my delivery. InsyaAllah.


That’s Mummy at Week 37.
perut macam balloon kan kan kan