Eid Mubarak 2011

Salam Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers.

Today I’m at my Week 35 Day 2.


Visited 10 houses yesterday, nubbad.

Mummy ate alot too.





where’s my mojo

Raya mood = Zero. tarak raya mojo langsung lah !

probably i didnt get to fast from day 1..i try though…:-(

Nak beli bunga & pokok for the house, Ayah Boy tak kasi. Mosquito lah!Berabok lah! bla bla bla…

We just bought one table runner for the dining table & a door mat only. HEH! That’s conincidentally also, just because we were looking for cushion pillows for my niece’s housewarming gifts. 

Perhaps Im more excited to give birth. Yes, baby mojo kah.  Suspect kuat, I will deliver around late sept, not early oct. Well, we shall see, InsyaAllah. As long selamat,that’s important Alhamdulilah. Not particular about the day, dates etc. The faster the better, as per Ayah Boy.

I decided to take my ML earlier than expected. Week 37.

Of course to rest more & prepare for his arrival. So far, so good.Most of the items listed down, we managed to buy & some passed down by relatives & friends.Alhamdulilah. Left with few items. Probably will get it when I start my ML.

Importantly, I must find time to wash all baby stuffs. Hand wash lah better kan. Ayah Boy wanna put all baby stuffs in his 13kg washing machine. sure or not? *gasps*  Lets leave it to him then, the laundry department…hurhur

Will be on leave tmr. Mummy wanna trim hair, buy drawer, collect satay goreng, or probably hit down Geylang.Errr can we do it. Of course before buka lah.Ayah Boy wont wanna miss his terawih. 

Wish us luck tmr! Raya mojo coming kah??



Baby LH, you are indeed surrounded by lovely ppl around you.

How bless you are.


Saves us alot & of course overwhelmed by all these.

InsyaAllah, all of us can’t wait for arrival.






Week 33 Day 5

At Week 33 baby weighs 2.3kg. And Baby is at it’s position as per gynae. Alhamdulilah



a gymnast

Im getting more tired these days.

And of course, hungry all the time that’s for sure.Every 2 hr definitely.

The lower back pain is here, the frequent stabbing pain down there too yo, the uncomfortable feeling especially during my sleep. Sleepless night indeed. The toss & turn to get a good postion every night. Fuh! Welcome welcome…the expected has come lydia!

Think I have a gymnast inside me.Super active nya my little man.

Yet to decide when should I take my ML. Im going for 3 mths instead, keep that extra 1 mth for next year. Annual leave of 14 days for me is definitely not enuf leh!

Either I start my ML on my week 37 or 38.That will be 2nd or 3rd week of raya. We shall see at which week Baby will ‘pop’. Please be a oct baby can….

Apart from that, my life will be changed forever in the blink of an eye. Im not sure whether I can handle or not but Im going to be positive about it. With Boy & our family support, InsyaAllah, we will manage for sure. 🙂

So far, Alhamdulilah, this pregnancy has went pretty smoothly so I’m hoping it continues to go that way till my delivery., InsyaAllah.


Du’a for me.


Baby LH see u later….


The nesting instinct has kicking in….

His room, more to come….




But packing labour bag not DONE.HAH!

Week 33

7 weeks or less to go.