Hello little man!

Weighing 853g at his Week 25 Day 4. My little man is an average baby.
Mummy gained 1kg only, Ho Ho Ho ohh and so far throughout the pregnancy it’s a total of 2.5kg.Very good.Keep it up.
Was told by gynae to maintain my weigh. With all the sweet craving, I hope so.:-)

Everything is all fine with baby development thus far, Alhamdulilah.

Cant wait to see you again my little man on 29th July. Be good ok.


Baby's spine


Baby's head

Week 25 Melaka Trip

Mummy managed to convince Ayah Boy for a short getaway to Melaka few days ago.

For food, rest & relax.

It was indeed a wonderful impromptu trip, nonetheless… with Nenek & Aunty Lynda with us and of course our good friends Jaz & Su together with their family as well. (when we heard abt their plan, we decided to tag along! haha)

Despite staying in different hotels.(around the same area actually)

Satisfied my craving of chendol, Assam pedas, umbai seafood & of course A&W fix.

And we simply love our stay in holiday inn Melaka.
We will be back again definitely.










Week 25



Give me more weeekend pls….

Saturday Night Out

Give me more Sunday's pls

The kick is getting harder each day. I know it is funny. Yesterday morning, I was sleeping and suddenly baby kicked me so hard that I jumped from my bed, shouted for Boy. LOL  It’s like baby trying to signal me, ” Hey wake up mummy, you are suppose to whip up burgers for Ayah Boy & friends”.  Oh well, mummy too tired lah. But i managed to whip up egg sandwiches instead and of course Ayah boy did burgers & laundry.pampered sungguh 🙂

And each time I put Boy hands on my belly to feel the move, baby stops. Naughty eh…still early though to feel.NO?And most of the time its sort of internal tickle in my belly. Till now I cant figure out where’s the baby position, his leg, hands. Totally clueless man.Will read up more.

And now I cant wait to see you little man next week!!