Im not pregnant.

Menses came.

Am i?

After my subuh prayer, I vomitted.

Husband,” Pregnant issit?”


everything is normal

The result;

Progesterone test РOvulating! Yeah!!

Rubella, HIV – Normal

Alhamdulilah, everything is normal.

Pray for positivity or else for 2nd cycle clomid then IVF in Nov.

Blood day


The morning. 

Blood day indeed.

For progesterone, rubella & hiv test.

Spent $118.57

In out in out you go….

Early morning rush to the toilet again.

I hate that feeling!

Then vomitted what I had (mcdess)  yesterday.

Yucks…i saw french fries!

Now Im in pain, my stomach in particular…..

Resting on my work desk.

IVF-ICSI Program

My IVF journey will starts today…..

I pray for good health, no complication & InsyaAllah our very own offspring.

Kachingkaching $$$$$

Today, we spent $352.14

Registration – $95.76

Counseling & Sign Consent – $203.30

Boy’s Blood test , HIV, – $53.07