The output!

Started my 1st cycle of clomid again!

Day 2 (1oomg)

Twice I had to run for the toilet.


The Follow-Up again

Then the followup appointment with Dr Loh today, he suggested we try naturally again for the next 2mths before my IVF journey.

AND i did 3 cycles of CLOMIPHENE CYCLE.

Failed attempt of course.

Now I have to go through the clomiphene cycle  again for 2 rounds but with higher dosage of clomiphene 1 tablet (100mg).


The outcome


Awaiting my followup of HSG result with Dr SF Loh


Dissappointed with the report for my HSG.

Infact, Im relieved actually (Alhamdulilah) my uterine outline is smooth and triangular in shape.

But both my fallopian tubes showed no opification.

Couldnt see my tubes??

As stated in the report;

“Study was sub optimal because the speculum and canula could not be maintained in place.


Normal uterine cavity.

Both tubes could not be seen in this sub optimal study.”

No one knows

No one really knows how lonely I can be…