14 weeks

For the past 2 days I’ve been having brown discharged. 


Just pray and pray. In Shaa Allah. 

Now I’m waiting for my turn to meet Prof Tan. 

BISMILLAH, may all be well. 

***************************************** 610pm appointment with Prof Tan.

Alhamdulilah obviously from the ultrasound baby was moving non stop. 

Happy mummy. I’m so glad you are all fine in there. 

A brother love

In Shaa Allah. ❤️

13 weeks 

Alhamdulillah, today marks the start of my 2nd trimester. 

Though I didn’t struggle with any morning sickness, I feel exhausted easily and hungry always. The taste bud suddenly changed tremendously. Ahhh….. I’m fine with that. Just love drinking juice, eating fruits and more fruits.  

Every night, basically I can’t wait to crawl to my bed. I am indeed blessed to have my husband whom assisted me with some of the house chores especially laundry and settling the son too. What will I do without you dear. Thank you for tolerating my whims too.  Heh. 

Since the holy month of fasting started, I attempted to fast but unfortunately I was unable to hold my fast till 10 am. Same case when I was pregnant with Lut Hanif 6 years ago. Importantly, what’s matter most is the mother carrying her child. I might putting the health of my baby at risk. No, Yes? Only Allah knows best. Different for everyone too. 

So…. When will I be seeing you baby? 20th June. I can’t wait for the scan. Perhaps we will know the gender by then. So exciting. 

Till then…..I love being pregnant. A beautiful journey it will be. In Shaa Allah. 

Alhamdulilah, Thanks Allah. 

11 weeks ~ a fetus

Miracles happen everyday. 

Allahu akhbar! Alhamdulillah.
Thank Allah for your rezeki. 

Peace be upon you, BABY L!

You are growing fast! 

My new Edd will be 15th Dec 2017. In Shaa Allah. 

Pls keep us in your prayers and may Allah ease this beautiful pregnancy journey of mine.  

To those out there trying to conceive, remember never never never give up. KEEP ON TRYING. 

Mummy will see you in 4 weeks time. 

For now be good, grow healthily and back to mummy’s last revision before that 3 mths break from school.

Yes exam,on Monday. 

I can do this. Wish mummy good luck okay! Amin. 

Rezki ~Daily reminder for us

9 weeks 


No morning sickness etc. Just feeling tired, swollen breast, occasional headache, cramping, woke up in the am to pee few times, sleeping discomfort.  

So far so good, still manageble. Alhamdulilah, Thanks Allah for letting me go through my 2nd pregnancy a smooth as my first one. 

Simply can’t wait for the ultrasound this coming Saturday. I pray all will be well… 

In Shaa Allah. 

6 weeks 5 days ~ the Heartbeat

Waited nearly 1 hr + and I was the last patient for the day. My heart was beating very fast. Feeling anxious and worried for this ultrasound.

Before the pelvic scan, Prof Tan asked me “How are you feeling this past few days ?”

“I’m hungry always and cramping leh!”
“That’s good, let’s scan! ”

“We should be seeing something right?”

“Don’t be pessimistic! ”

Lol Lydia Lydia….. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes, from the side of my eyes I could see something there at the monitor. YA ALLAH.

Prof Tan called the husband in and of course Lut Hanif the soon to be brother excitedly join in too.

“See there, can hear the heartbeat right.”

Alhamdulillah, Allah is great!

He answered my prayers. 

Yes, we saw and hear the baby heartbeat.

Alhamdulilah. Alhamdulilah. Alhamdulillah.

Edd will be on 25th Dec 2017.

Omg, a day before Mummy’s 37th. 

In Shaa Allah I can’t wait to see you my baby. *tears of joy*

Prof Tan would like to arrange another ultrasound in 3 weeks time. 

“This is still early. Hope the baby grow… I see you in 3 weeks times. Pls take care.  ”

Ya Allah, pls grow healthily my dear baby. I will see you on 27th May 2017. 


Yolk sac only ~ 5 weeks

I’ve been experiencing spotting and abit of bleeding. You know that freaking out moment each time you found out when you are in the toilet.

I know it’s not always a bad sign but you know…… 😦

I was questioning myself. What had I done?  Too much walking? Doing housework.What what???

Last Monday, I had to take 2 days of sick leave to bed rest. Doctor adviced to have plenty of rest and don’t get so stress up.

How not to Right!? (reminded me of my miscarriage, blood…) 

And today, at 3pm I had the first trimester dating. An hour before the meetup with Prof Tan, headed down to AMC for my first ultrasound. The sonographer was unable to detect the scan clearly hence she told me to go for pelvic scan instead.

Wah seh…. Kanchiong liao.  

She told me to pee first, must be damn full lah my bladder I guess. Lol.

For the second time, I went in for the pelvic scan. Wah, damn teruk. Betul nya korek.Korek sana.Korek sini. I had to adjust my butt higher lah. Adjust here and there. Well,I was told no heartbeat as yet as she told me could be an early pregnancy. Ahhh….stress again. She informed that Prof will explained further.

I was devastated. Greatly upset.I expected a heartbeat actually. It supposed to be 6 weeks check up.

Boy calmed me down. He assured me still early and we can’t see anything yet. Even google and showed me some online scans. And keep telling me, “belum rezeki, redha Lydia…” 

Ya Allah, the waiting, the emotion, the nerve wrecking. 

I know this IVF is not guarantee, I will try no matter what and leave it to Allah. He knows best. I will not give up to have my number 2. In Shaa Allah. 

So when I was in the room with Prof Tan, I kept asking him so how many weeks I am? He counted and told me, “5 weeks!” ( 5 weeks pulak, blur aku!)”Let’s arrange for another appointment next Saturday, I will personally scan you.” “By next week , we should see something”

Wah seh, Prof, something!!!

Another stress,another wait…..

Only Allah knows what I’m going through right now.

Be positive Lydia be positive.

Yes, I will. 10 days to go……I will see you my baby, In Shaa Allah.

Spotting Day 2

Woke up and first thing I did was to check for any spotting. Phew. Alhamdulilah.

No more spotting.

Sent the son to his Nenek house. I miss the husband. That daily driving miss Lydia to work and school. Pamper hor.

Drove to work and upon reaching the office, to the toilet again.  Ehh very worrying you know. Yes.

Spotting again.

I took urgent half day off.

My mum was complaining of her legs pain and bloated hands too. Excema getting worsen. Sigh. Bought her lunch. She complained of her bloated hand. “I cant  even put on my own grandson clothes.”Hello, this grandson also pamper lah eh!  He knows how to wear his own clotheslah, nenek . May Allah make it easy for her. Few more mths to go Nenek…..P1 Soon. To student care you go son.

Fetched the husband whom just came back his Bromo ride. Settled the son and had a nap before my night class.

(been missing school for 2 weeks too! Gosh! ) 

Both of them sent and waited for me in school.  Poor them right. Had to learn spelling in the car and mall. Sacrifices sacrifices. We can do this!

Night check again. Alhamdulillah no spotting.

I will continue to monitor again.

Ya Allah, pls make my journey smooth.

Keep my close ones safe and healthy. For me too. Amin.


I was shocked when I saw some spotting on my panty liner before doing my magrib prayers. I bathed and decided to rest on my bed. 

Feeling so down. 

Msg the husband who is currently in Bromo, “is that bad? Pls du’a and rehda aje. Don’t stress yourself.” 

I will continue to monitor. 

Ya Allah, pls save my baby.